E. Chris Hughes


My philosophy is simple:  Our clients and their objectives always have been and always will be our primary concern.  Nearly thirty years of experience in buying and selling aircraft in twenty-five different countries gives an advantage in meeting the needs of our customers.

Today’s economy, technology, and special business needs have changed the tenor of how companies manage their transportation needs.  Flight departments have evolved from General Aviation’s heyday of the 1960s when business aviation consisted of an airplane for the boss.  Today, the corporate jet is complemented by special-use aircraft such as helicopters and utility-type airplanes.  Whatever your aviation needs, my small, extremely specialized company is fast, agile and available to assist you in meeting your aviation goals.

There was a time when bigger was better.  Some people still feel the need to contract with large companies.  For those folks, my services may not be the right fit.  However, many aviation companies still try to present a facade of being full-service while actually outsourcing critical aspects.  In doing this, they are able to inflate costs of outsourced services and pass on these costs to you with an unearned profit on the outsourcing. 

Today, outsourcing has become a necessary business practice.  However, dealing directly with the outsourcing company is usually a much better value.  Overseeing outsourcing while working for you is much more likely to give you exactly what you want.  And, save you money.

Since those early days of General Aviation, I have been involved with most facets of this unique industry.  Piloting jets, helicopters and even seaplanes for Fortune 500 companies to small single-ship operations, has offered experience over a broad spectrum of aviation.  And, as the owner and manager of my own business for nearly thirty years, I understand the fiscal, marketing and operational logistics of businesses. 

Twenty-first century technology has drastically changed business.  We are all expected to accomplish more with far fewer resources.  Key personal and vital business knowledge has been lost by most companies.  Let my lifetime of aviation experience, knowledge and professional contacts assist you in accomplishing your aviation goals without paying for additional, unnecessary and unwanted overhead.

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