E. Chris Hughes

As a Bell 429 pilot, I am available for Bell 429 training, Bell 429 transitions, and Bell 429 pilot services.  Available for short term contracts internationally.  ATP, CFI, and CFI.  Over 900 hours in Bell 429 with 150 hours of actual IMC.  Aircraft For Sale, Helicopter for Sale, Bell for Sale, Airplane for Sale, Jet for Sale, Aircraft Sales Documents, Aircraft Export, Aircraft Appraisal, Airplane Appraisal, Helicopter Appraisal, Bell Appraisal, Aircraft Value, Airplane Value, Helicopter Value, Bell Value, Cheap Aircraft Broker, Inexpensive Aircraft Broker, Inexpensive Helicopter Broker, Cheap Helicopter Broker, Best Aircraft Broker, Best Aircraft Appraiser, Best Helicopter Appraiser, Best Bell Appraiser, Best Helicopter Broker, Best Helicopter Sales, Best Aircraft Sales, Honest Aircraft Broker, Honest Airplane Broker, Honest Helicopter Broker, Honest Bell Broker, Aircraft Sales Facilitator, Helicopter Sales Facilitator, Bell Helicopter Pilot, Best Bell Helicopter Pilot, Bell 429 Pilot, Best Bell 429 Pilot, Ferry Pilot, Best Bell Ferry Pilot, Best Bell 429 Pilot, Aircraft Repossession, Helicopter Repossession, Airplane Repossession, Best Aircraft Reposseseser, Best Aircraft Repossesesor, Best Airplane Repossessor, Best Airplane Repossesser, Best helicopter repossessor, Best helicopter repossesser, Bell 429 Training, Bell 429 Pilot Transition, Bell 429 Pilot Instruction, Bell 429 Pilot Instructing, Bell 429 Pilot Instructor, Bell 429 Contract pilot, Best Bell 429 Training, Best Bell 429 Pilot Transition, Best Bell 429 Pilot Instruction, Best Bell 429 Pilot Instructing, Best Bell 429 Pilot Instructor, Best Bell 429 Contract pilot, Bell 429 Training, Most experienced Bell 429 Instruction, Most experiences Bell 429 Pilot Instructing, Most experienced Bell 429 instructor, Most experienced Bell 429 Contract pilot, Available Bell 429 Training, Available Bell 429 Pilot Transition, Available Bell 429 Pilot Instruction, Available Bell 429 Pilot Instructing, Available Bell 429 Pilot Instructor, Available Bell 429 Contract pilot, Available Bell contract pilot, Raconteur and friend of the working girl.

Appraisals & Asset Verification

Aircraft value is based on many aspects and is constantly changing.  Bluebook value is a generalized figure for a given type of aircraft that does address any of the specifics that greatly vary the value.  The appraisal process can be accomplished at several levels, depending on your requirements.  From Desktop Appraisals that give you a rapid baseline value to Detailed Appraisals that include a physical inspection, thorough records review and market comparison that result in determining a very specific market value for a particular aircraft.  Banks, corporations and individuals regularly rely on my expertise to determine the current market value of a given aircraft. 

Asset Verification is a portion of the appraisal process.  This inspection is contracted by banks and lenders to substantiate their collateral position before, during, and at termination of their exposure on a unique commodity like an aircraft.  A general visual inspection combined with a permanent records review matches installed components to the records.  Any major changes to component status, damage, or any unusual conditions are noted and reported.
Lending institutions periodically need to ascertain that the aircraft and its expensive components are the actual aircraft used as collateral. 

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