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E. Chris Hughes

Bell 429 Training

Bell Helicopter Textron is building, selling, and delivering the very popular Bell 429 faster than they can train pilots for this complex aircraft.  If you are about to take delivery of a 429, you may need an additional pilot.  If you would like to begin flying your new ship before your crew can attend the Bell Training Academy, I can provide short-term pilot services and train pilots for you.  Perhaps you only need a safety pilot to help you ferry your ship home.  I am available and pleased to pass on my several years of practical experience operating and flying a Bell 429 single-pilot in actual IMC conditions.  Making the transition from years of VFR helicopter flying to actual IFR helicopter flying is a giant step.  Having a little extra help in the cockpit for a short period of time can be invaluable to fully utilize the Bell 429’s unique capabilities.  As a current FAA ATP, CFI and CFII, I have already met international co-validation requirements.

From a few days to several months, I will help fill the gap in your Bell 429 operation.  Please contact me for world-wide availability to meet your Bell 429 pilot and training needs. 

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